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BG Flushes help maintain the response and performance of your car that otherwise will slowly drain away!

Deposit build-ups can cause major problems. Maintain your car with regular BG Flushes and restore your car to it's peak performance. Plus, get LIFETIME PROTECTION (see details below)!

Call Nott's Automotive for your:

  • Transmission Flushes

  • Brake System Flushes

  • Induction Service

  • Fuel Injection System Flushes

  • Coolant Flushes

  • Evaporator Flushes

  • Front End Differential Services

  • Rear End Differential Services

  • Power Steering Services

  • Transfer Case Services


Receive a “BG” Life Time Protection Plan Warranty by Performing Regular Maintenance to your Car.

By performing routine car maintenance i.e.; fluid flushes and exchanges using BG Products you will receive a Life Time Protection Plan Warranty for as long as you own your car. In addition, if you already have an alternate extended warranty contract the BG Plan will pay your warranty contract deductible if you have duplicate coverage.

How to Get Started

To initiate your cars Life Time Warranty Protection Plan you must have the initial preventative maintenance service “Fluid Flushes” or “Exchanges” performed within the mileage range of zero to 36,000 miles to receive Protection Plan 1. To receive Protection Plan 2 the initial service must be performed within the mileage range of 36,001 – 75,000 miles.

Maintaining Your Warranty

To maintain your cars Warranty Plan you must have the maintenance services performed within 30,000 miles thereafter, in addition to your regular Engine Oil change intervals.

Components and Systems Covered

The protection plan allows you to choose which major components or systems you would like to service. You can choose from one to all which are applicable to your car.

The Protection Plan can cover the following components and systems:

Engine (gasoline and diesel) Automatic Transmission, Front Differentials, Rear Differentials, Transfer Cases, Manual Transmissions, Transaxles, Power Steering, Brake and Cooling Systems.

Engine Oil Change Intervals

To receive the Engine Coverage all Engines (gasoline or diesel) you must have the oil change and filter service interval performed at least every 5,000 miles with the proper grade motor oil and the BG MOA (Motor Oil Additive)

Emergency Road Side Assistance

In addition to the oil change service or any other fluid flush or exchange you will receive a Complimentary 24 Hour Road Side Assistance Program that provides you with the following services- Towing, Jump Start, Tire Change, Lock-Out Service, Fuel and Fluid Delivery.

Protection Plan Coverage

This Protection Plan for Automatic Transmissions, Front Differentials, Rear Differentials, Transfer Cases, Manual Transmissions, Transaxles, Power Steering, Brake and or Cooling System will be continued by the performance of the proper BG Service within 30,000 miles of the previous. One payable claim per service interval is permitted.

Protection Plans
Protection Plan One Coverage



Drive Line $4,000.00
Brake Syste $4,000.00
Power Steering $4,000.00
Cooling System $4,000.00
Engine and/or Fuel System $4,000.00

Protection Plan Two Coverage

Transmission up to


Drive Line up to $2,000.00
Brake System $2,000.00
Power Steering $2,000.00
Cooling System $2,000.00
Engine and/or Fuel System $2,000.00

Please contact Nott's Automotive for further information regarding the BG Program and pricing regarding fluid flushes and exchanges that are applicable to your car.

Headlight Restoration Service
Cloudy and discolored plastic headlights can be a safety risk. Headlight restoration improves headlight appearance and performance. Nott's Automotive can restore your headlights to be clean, clear and bright again.
Safe over Headlight Replacements and Get a
Nott's Automotive - Best Headlight Restoration Service in Sarasota County
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